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The Accessibility of B-Girl

We recognize the importance of providing a website that is accessible to all our customers, including those with disabilities. Our accessibility standards are in place with the intention of making the content accessible to the widest range of visitors, regardless of disability or impairment. This has been achieved by adhering to best practices, such as compliance with W3C standards.

Access Keys

We have decided to not include access keys on our website. We believe access keys cause issues for users of adaptive technology, especially screen reading technology used by blind and low vision users. These users require numerous keyboard shortcuts to access web pages, and research shows that most key stroke combinations present a conflict for one or more of these adaptive technologies.

The World Wide Web Consortium, the organization responsible for establishing internet standards, has acknowledged this short-coming, and in their latest draft documents for a revised web authoring language (XHTML 2), they have deprecated (retired) the ACCESSKEY attribute altogether.

Cascading Style Sheets

We have used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make this website more attractive. If you would rather view a plain text version of this website and you use 'Firefox' browser you can turn off CSS by selecting View Page Style No Style. Help Us to Become More Accessible

Help Us to Become More Accessible

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible, so if you have any difficulty accessing this site, or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site, please contact us.

Further Accessibility Information

Disability Discrimination Act
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative
Microsoft Accessibility